Mr Hamza, Honduras Wharf, Birmingham, August 2017

An excellent experience with Kola of
What a genuine company and team.
Their customer service is second to none.

A 6 star apartment from a 7 star company.
The staff in the city branch are very polite and genuine people.

Thank you for your great customer service and no doubt I’ll see you soon.
Your club membership rocks!

Andy Woodthorpe, Wallows Road, Dudley, July 2017

Many thanks to you and your team.
All your efforts since day one have made
this process a lot easier for me.

Makes me think, if LYP had originally
managed the property in the first place,
it would have been so much better.

Once again, many thanks,
and please pass my thanks
to your wonderful team.

Simon Skinner, Ashes Road, Oldbury, July 2017

Bobby, Asif and Sukhi are a great team led by a creative entrepreneur, not some 9-5’ers working for a big chain.

Aggressively sold my property in quick time while another I have sits languishing in the world of Tepilo in a passive sad way. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

The fees seemed high at the beginning, again the complete opposite to Tepilo. But one property is sold and the other isn’t. Make up your own mind how expensive that is.